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Apr 24,  · Medical Science Dissertation Topics Dissertation Help. Introduction. Medical Science is a broad term that covers such locations as biochemistry, molecular biology, medical chemistry, microbiology, neuroscience, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, toxicology, vision science and biomedical are important to our continuous efforts to establish and examine brand-new . Dissertation Research During PhD in Biomedical Science Programs The goal of doctoral research is to contribute new and original findings to the field. PhD candidates should expect continuous feedback from your peers, mentor, and advisors throughout their dissertation research. Explore Biomedical Science Dissertation Examples, Biomedical Dissertation , Biomedical Dissertation Topics Ideas, Engineering Biomedical Science Dissertation Topics, Biomedical Thesis PDF, Biomedical Thesis Topics, Abstract Synopsis Biomedical Thesis, Biomedical Projects for Final Year, Biomedical Projects Ideas Circuits, Biomedical Instrumentation Projects Based On Microcontroller, .

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An biomedical science dissertation into the effect of clinical states of infection on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in ruminant food animal speciesJoseph Sameul Smith, biomedical science dissertation. Potential new drug targets and therapeutic approaches for parasitic nematode infectionsMelanie Abongwa. The Transdifferentiation of brain derived neurotrophic factor secreting mesenchymal stem cells for neuroprotectionMetzere Bierlein De La Rosa.

Developing protocols for analysis of cellular adaptations to peripheral injury in proprioceptive circuitsGarrett Reid Schmidt-McCormack. Platyhelminth drug targets: Identification, annotation, and validationNicolas James Wheeler.

Focusing immune response on key neutralizing epitopes of HIV- 1 through immune complex vaccinationAditi Agrawal. Mechanisms of communication in the filarial worm, Brugia malayi, at the mosquito vector-mammalian host interfaceLisa Marie Fraser.

Characterization of p73 and STAT5b genes that are susceptible to manganese exposure in dopaminergic neuronsDongsuk Kim. The role of Fyn kinase in mediating microglial pro-inflammatory responses in Parkinson's diseaseNikhil S, biomedical science dissertation. Flow mediated vasodilation changes in older and younger adult biomedical science dissertation after 4 weeks of low intensity hand grip isometric training with biomedical science dissertation occlusionMichael Jon Severin.

Design and evaluation of immunogens based on gp41 membrane-proximal external region for development of a vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus type 1Saikat Banerjee. Development of a radioimmunoassay for screening of prion diseasesKuei-Pin Huang. Time-course study of retinal pathology in mice infected with scrapieMelissa Lind.

Development of gold nanoparticle-based antigen delivery platform for vaccines against HIV-1Feng Lin. Comparison of oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in cautery dehorned calvesMatthew Lloyd Stock. The use of carbon dioxide CO2 as an alternative euthanasia method for goat kidsbiomedical science dissertation, Isabelle C.

Enhanced Salmonella virulence instigated by bactivorous protozoa and investigation of putative protozoan G protein-coupled receptors associated with bacterial engulfmentMatt T.

Anatomical characterization of the porcine hoof capsuleMeghan Elizabeth Fick. Roles of manganese and protein kinase signaling in cell culture and animal models of prion diseaseDustin Paul Martin. Effects of flow rate, gas type and disease status on the welfare of sucking and biomedical science dissertation pigs during gas euthanasiaLarry Joseph Sadler. Deorphanization of biogenic amine-responsive G protein-coupled receptors in various model protozoa and platyhelminthesPrince Nii Agbedanu.

Parasitic nematode ion channels: improving understanding of pharmacology and genetic compositionSamuel Biomedical science dissertation. The role of glutamatergic inferior olivary teaching signals in the acquisition of conditioned eyeblinksAndrew J.

Neuroinflammatory mechanisms and translational approaches in environmental neurotoxicity modelsColleen Elizabeth Biomedical science dissertation. Assessment of optic neuropathy as a result of direct and indirect injury using non- invasive functional and structural analytical toolsKabhilan Mohan.

Electrophysiological studies to counter anthelmintic resistance: studies in somatic muscle and pharynx of A. Rac2 in the zebrafish Danio rerio with a focus on neutrophilsRachel Maureen Tell.

Compensatory mechanisms of neuroprotection by PKD signaling against oxidative damage in experimental models of Parkinson's disease PD : Relevance to PD drug discovery strategiesArunkumar Biomedical science dissertation. Protein kinase C delta and prokineticin-2 signaling in experimental models of neuroinflammation and Parkinson's diseaseRichard Gordon.

Immunotoxicology of titanium dioxide and hydroxylated fullerenes engineered nanoparticles in biomedical science dissertation modelsBoris Jovanovic, biomedical science dissertation. Directed molecular evolution of fourth-generation cephalosporin resistance inWellington Moore, biomedical science dissertation.

Characterization of functional and structural deficits in a canine model of compressive optic neuropathy using optical coherence tomography and pattern electroretinographyRichard Nzoyem Nzokwe. The development and utilization of an in biomedical science dissertation RNA interference protocol to elucidate gene functions and identify potential drug targets in the filarial nematode Brugia malayiChuanzhe Song. An investigation of pressure algometry and thermal sensitivity tests for assessing pain associated with a sow lameness model and calf disbuddingbiomedical science dissertation, Kathleen Renae Tapper.

Pathogenesis and amelioration of nontyphoidal Salmonella encephalopathy in cattle infected with Salmonella enterica serovar Saintpaulbiomedical science dissertation, Nalee Xiong. Investigations into the mechanisms of methamphetamine and oxygen-glucose deprivation -induced neurodegeneration: Implications for autophagy and apoptosisMeng-hsien Lin.

The effects of abnormal prion protein accumulation on retinal morphology and function in sheep and cattleJodi D. Effect of pre-calving diet energy content on immunologic and metabolic parameters in the transition cowHayley Ruth Springer. Voltage-activated currents and their modulation in somatic muscle cells of the nematode Ascaris suumSaurabh Verma. Osteoarthritis: clinical evaluation and cartilage tissue engineeringWanda June Gordon-Evans.

Arginine vasopressin and somatostatin receptors in rat astrocytesNasser Syed. Phospholipid regulation by somatostatin in insulin-secreting [beta]-cellsJustin Adam Grodnitzky. Morphological and functional studies of cells derived from post-natal neural stem cellsEric Wilber Rowe. Molecular mechanisms of PKC[delta] in neurotoxin-induced apoptotic death of nigral dopaminergic neurons: relevance to the pathogenesis of Parkinson's diseaseYongjie Yang.

Amyloid-beta peptide affects viability and differentiation of embryonic and adult biomedical science dissertation hippocampal progenitor cellsJames Noel Eucher, biomedical science dissertation. Stimulatory effect of endogenous and exogenous growth hormone secretagogues on isolated porcine somatotropesAleksandra Glavaski.

Mechanisms of environmental chemical-induced apoptosis in dopaminergic cells: critical roles of protein kinase C-delta and relevance to Parkinson's diseasebiomedical science dissertation, Masashi Kitazawa. Arginine vasopressin-induced glucagon release: interaction with glucose and cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinasebiomedical science dissertation, Ehab A. Mechanisms of somatostatin-induced paradoxical increase in insulin secretion in the presence of arginine vasopressin in clonal [beta]-cell HIT-T15Henrique Cheng.

Functional characterization of retina and optic nerve after acute and chronic elevation of the intraocular pressure in biomedical science dissertationSinisa Grozdanic, biomedical science dissertation. Synaptic transmission and plasticity in the spinal cord substantia gelatinosa: the role of GluR2, GluR5 and GluR6 glutamate receptor subunitsDong-ho Youn.

Phosphorus utilization in domestic animalsYaHsin Joan Cheng. Astrocytes: a driving force in brain signaling and encephalopathiesAleksandar Jeremic.

The effects of danofloxacin and tilmicosin on peripheral neutrophils in healthy cattle, on peripheral neutrophils in cattle with induced Pasteurella haemolytica pneumonia, and on body temperature measured via radiotelemetry in cattle with induced Pasteurella haemolytica pneumoniaVirginia R.

Characterization of [alpha]-adrenoceptor-mediated contractile responses in the isolated bovine tail artery and vein and an investigation of nerve-mediated contraction in the bovine tail artery in response to electrical field stimulationMarina Val Ioudina. Evidence for and effects of a factor derived from adult rat and cow small intestine capable of reducing Cryptosporidium parvum infection in infant ratsDhuha Akili.

Effect of the presence of the mammary gland on periparturient immunosuppression in dairy cowsKayoko Kimura. Mechanisms of arginine vasopressin- and oxytocin-induced glucagon releaseSirintorn Yibchokanun.

Effects of endotoxin on neonatal pig Kupffer cellsJacqueline Kinyamu Akunda. The central interaction of relaxin with oxytocinPatricia Ann Heine.

Canine cardiopulmonary responses to one-lung ventilation during thoracoscopic diaphragmatic incision repair and two-lung ventilation during gasless laparoscopic diaphragmatic incision repairChuree Pramatwinai. Effects of [beta]-amyloid on glucose uptake by cultured hippocampal neuronsbiomedical science dissertation, Teerasak Prapong.

Regulation of biomedical science dissertation and electrolyte metabolism during dehydration and rehydration in camelsAli Abdullah Al-Qarawi. An electron microscopic study of developing facial and hypoglossal motor nuclei in the Brazilian opossumTracey Michelle Pepper. Characterization of the developing facial and hypoglossal motor systems in the neonatal Brazilian opossumJack Jeffrey Swanson.

An immunohistological and electron microscopic investigation of neurosecretory neuronal regeneration following hypophysial stalk transection in animals subjected to chronic intermittent salt loadingYong-San Huang.

Utilization of fatigued and non-fatigued isolated guinea-pig papillary muscles and ventricular myocytes on the comparison of inotropic, chronotropic and intracellular calcium changes induced by monensin and digoxinIsmail Meral.

Bradykinin-induced secretion of insulin, glucagon and somatostatinChi Yang. Experimental secondary hyperparathyroidism and the therapeutic application of vitamin D analogsNegussie Fedessa Bussa.

Characterization of arginine vasopressin and oxytocin containing systems in the brain of the adult and developing Brazilian opossum, Monodelphis domesticaJaved Iqbal. The expression of cholecystokinin and vasopressin binding sites in the developing mammalian brain: a comparative studyMary Cathleen Kuehl-Kovarik.

Characterization of biomedical science dissertation rat clonal [beta]-cell line, RINm5F, in a passage- and morphology-dependent mannerBum-sup Lee, biomedical science dissertation. Alpha-adrenergic influences on myometrial contractility in cycling and pregnant sowsChih-Huan Yang. Effects of vitamin D, dietary calcium and vitamin D restriction, pregnancy and lactation on gene expression of calcium transporting factorsYingting Zhu.

Neuroligand-evoked release of biomedical science dissertation neurotransmitters from cultured glial cellsFang Liu. Effect of dietary ethanol on atherosclerosis in rabbitsEdward F. Influence of diet composition and training on energy utilization by greyhound skeletal muscleJennifer Drisko Baumhover. Modulation of excitatory synaptic transmission in the rat spinal dorsal hornRok Cerne. Characterization of the distribution and ontogeny of galanin containing systems during the development of the brainJoel Keith Elmquist.

The effects of sprint training regimens and sodium bicarbonate loading on muscle glycolysis, lactate accumulation, acid-base balance, and performance in the racing greyhoundLyle Duane Kesl. Biochemical composition of the spermatozoal plasma membrane in normal and heat-stressed boarsGary Carl Althouse. Regeneration of neurosecretory axons into intrahypothalamic grafts of neural lobe, sciatic nerve, and optic nerve: a neurophysin-immunohistochemical, HRP-histochemical, and fine structural studyMohammed Ouassat.

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Dissertation Research During PhD in Biomedical Science Programs The goal of doctoral research is to contribute new and original findings to the field. PhD candidates should expect continuous feedback from your peers, mentor, and advisors throughout their dissertation research. Jun 30,  · Biomedical Science - Thesis/Dissertation Defense Students preparing to defend your thesis/dissertation research, please go to the College of Graduate Studies' Academic Program Forms page for ALL required paperwork for which you will need to obtain signatures and turn into COGS to fulfill all graduation requirements. Apr 24,  · Medical Science Dissertation Topics Dissertation Help. Introduction. Medical Science is a broad term that covers such locations as biochemistry, molecular biology, medical chemistry, microbiology, neuroscience, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, toxicology, vision science and biomedical are important to our continuous efforts to establish and examine brand-new .