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View Homosexuality Research Papers on g-bnsbooks.ga for free. Skip to main content This paper considers ‘alternative modernities’ and the ‘post-queer’ co-relationally and attempts at interrogating the idea of a multivalent post-queer modernity through a discussion of some key queer literary and critical texts published in the past. What Causes Homosexuality? This is the first and perhaps the most basic question about homosexuality. In order to understand the phenomenon of same-sex sexual relations, we must. first explore what the research shows about the origins of such attractions. There are two main theories as to what causes homosexual attractions. One. Apr 25,  · Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality. Research in Samoa has similarly demonstrated that third-gender And have you read a Author: Debra W. Soh.

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Also check our tips on how to write a research papersee the lists of research paper topicsand browse research paper examples. Homosexuality, or same-sex affection, has been a long-standing feature of many cultures and many histories.

While men or women who are attracted to individuals of the same sex can be called homosexuals, the term lesbian has traditionally exclusively referred to women who are attracted to other women.

Individuals who are attracted to both men and women have historically been termed bisexual. In more recent history, individuals whose sexual attraction is limited by neither the traditional binary cis-gender types of male and female nor other categories of sex, gender, and gender identity have been termed pansexual, homosexuality research paper.

Until the last decades of the nineteenth century, homosexuality research paper, long-standing considerations of same-sex affection were almost universally appreciated as infractions — under the headings of sin or crime.

Such critical interpretations of homosexuality as a punishable transgression remain today, although usually alongside contemporary and historical understandings of homosexuality as pathology.

While select cultures historically from the Ancient Greeks to some indigenous communities in North America and the Indian subcontinent have found permissible, particular forms of same-sex affection and gender transgression, these tend to be isolated and proscribed according to other strict hierarchies of social class, age, and economics Halperin ; Weeks In the past several decades — inspired by diversity studies initiatives — scholars working in women, feminism, homosexuality research paper, gender, queer, sexuality, and disability studies as well as historians of medicine have tended to describe the twentieth century homosexuality research paper a period when the pathological concept of homosexuality made possible an understanding of same-sex affection as being attached to personhood, not merely behavior.

Many scholars in gender studies and bioethics have analyzed the global racialization of abnormality and sex-testing surveillance among female athletes through testosterone-testing regimes in international competitive sports. In many societies like Brazil, Indonesia, Melanesia, Thailand, and South Africa, it is normal that public gender and sexual identities have no necessary relation to private anatomies or sexual desires and practices. When these experts use epidemiological models to distribute biomedical HIV prevention technologies, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, homosexuality research paper, their models do not account for these risks since they do not take the culturally variation in homosexuality into account, homosexuality research paper.

These complex forms of sexual personhood are produced by the coexistence of more than one paradigm of sexual and gender identities in any society at a given historical moment.

Conversely, Eve Sedgwick argues:. Sedgwickp. This means that homosexuality research paper of homosexuality will have a particular history that is intimately related to how sexual personhood is constituted among the various cultural groups in every society. They do so with the aim of asserting the power and possibility of the role that stigmatization has homosexuality research paper in the historical response of lesbian and gay cultures to biomedical disasters like HIV.

Likewise, homosexuality research paper, Michael Warner argues:. The answer to that one will inevitably be: get rid of sex. The question, rather, is this: what will we do with our shame? Warnerp, homosexuality research paper. In contemporary global bioethics discourse, homosexuality serves as a central topic of discussion and debate on numerous fronts. Like other categories of marginalized personhood — based on class, gender, ethnicity, disability, and political dis enfranchisement — homosexuality makes itself known in global bioethics discussions insofar as it addresses tenets of cultural competency, cultural diversity, and social justice.

These include issues as diverse as reproductive ethics for same-sex partners; the cultural complexity of ethical analyses concerning post and pre-exposure prophylaxis particularly in socioeconomic contexts as diverse as the United States and South Africa where HIV-positive persons are still not guaranteed access to lifesaving antiretroviral, a subject leading AIDS scholar Cindy Patton addresses in her work ; discriminatory nomenclature regarding trans health issues within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual DSM of the American Psychiatric Association for mental disorders; pediatric ethics-inspired interventions for trans and intersex children; as well as gender testing in competitive sports Patton and Kim Free research papers are homosexuality research paper written to satisfy your specific instructions.

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homosexuality research paper


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