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Toy Company Business Plan; Toy Company BUSINESS PLAN TOYS FOR A NEW GENERATION INC. they were getting lost on the store shelves. we consistently received orders from those customers that were in the toy business. It became evident that we must be at the next Toy Fair. Our guide on starting a toy store covers all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you. Learn about the day-to-day activities of a toy store owner, the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more! ToyLearn children's educational toys business plan executive summary. ToyLearn is an exciting start-up company that has developed a line of educational tools for children that are fun and engaging.

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With two lines of "Do-it-Yourself educational cards for young people already on the market, Toys for a New Generation expects to increase its market and product ranges significantly. The following plan details the new card ideas and outlines the manner in which they will be introduced. To develop, manufacture, and market high quality products for children that are enjoyable for the child, have educational benefits for the child, and are a good value for the purchaser.

Toys for a New Generation Inc. However, toy store business plan, our rapid growth has exhausted funds from these sources. Since 15 products are currently developed and being sold, we feel confident enough in our products and concepts to look for outside sources.

This plan has been written to summarize our history and to state our goals and plans to achieve them. People buying items for children want value for their dollars. They want products that are both enjoyable to children and worthwhile. Toys for a New Generation is committed to supplying products that toy store business plan these requirements, toy store business plan. We currently have 15 products that are being sold nationwide.

These have been introduced in phases. Phase I Box O' Cards, is a line of kits that include everything children need to make their own greeting cards - pictures to color, envelopes, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and stickers in a plastic travel case: We currently have seven kits in this line. Phase II products, Card Facts, are a set of collector cards rather than greeting cards. The front of each card has a picture to color while the back has six questions about that subject.

The answers are in small print, upside-down. Once the child has colored the picture and mastered their facts, they then affix their "I Know My Facts" blue ribbon sticker. We have eight sets of cards, including a custom product. Many more sets of cards are planned on various subjects. There toy store business plan also many opportunities to customize sets for tourist attractions and market them as the "ideal souvenir. The products need to be designed to appeal to children between the ages of four and ten.

However, the actual purchasing will be done by adults, so they must be presented in a manner that conveys value to the adult. A network of manufacturer's representatives is being established, and home office sales efforts concentrate on identified niche markets. Current plans target the continental United States, but international opportunities are being evaluated as they are received. Currently, we have been approached about a possible licensing arrangement for Europe, and inquiries have been received from distributors in Canada, toy store business plan, Mexico, and Australia.

In May,the business was incorporated in the State of Delaware. The daily operation is managed by a supervisor with an educational background in marketing, including a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Boston University and graduate work on the MBA program at the University of Connecticut. Her work experience includes 18 years toy store business plan commercial and industrial marketing and one and a half years as a Project Manager.

Additional office and sales support personnel are used on a part-time basis as needed. All other functions are contracted out to other firms. Most of the printing and some assembly of the kits are done by a workshop for mentally retarded citizens, toy store business plan.

Three years of history and two years of projections are available upon request for reference, as well as proposed programs for and their impact on future financial performance. As a parent of three young children, personal experiences have helped me to identify various product opportunities. The products help strengthen children's skills and also represent a good value to the purchaser. The products are being toy store business plan together into related families and are being introduced in phases.

The phases already in production are:. Phase I, Box O' Cards, has everything children need to make their own greeting cards: cards to color, envelopes, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and stickers for decorating. Phase II is a series of collector's cards, known as Card Facts, that children color and use to learn facts about the subject in order to earn a blue ribbon sticker.

These kits also come with colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. Several additional phases for future product lines have also been identified and are described later in this plan. While the products are designed for children, it is recognized that adults will do the purchasing in most cases. Most adults are potential customers, toy store business plan, not just parents of young children.

This is the group that will be the purchasers. We must target our marketing efforts at the buyers and wholesale distributors that will make our products available to these purchasers, toy store business plan.

Toys for a New Generation products are distinct in that they present items that children enjoy in a manner that encourages skill development, while giving the purchaser a quality product. An additional unique factor about our products is that many are printed and assembled by a sheltered workshop where mentally retarded citizens learn skills to help them find jobs in local industry. The purchaser usually feels that they are helping a worthy cause while they get a good product.

Use of a sheltered workshop also toy store business plan a sense of cost containment. Using this facility does help keep the costs down, but it also gives us greater flexibility and quick toy store business plan on new products.

This will be even more important as we get into more customized products. Each kit, packed in a plastic travel case, contains everything children need toy store business plan make their own greeting card: six cards with outline drawings to color, six mailable envelopes, six coordinated stickers for decorating, six colored pencils, toy store business plan, and a pencil sharpener.

The seven kits currently in our line are:. Like most young children, my son and two daughters enjoy making things and they enjoy giving their creations to friends and family. At birthdays and holidays they spent a great deal of time creating that "special card. I would always hear "Mom, where are the scissors? Maybe some kind of a kit… Thus, Phase I was born. Give the child a head start by including a drawing for them to color.

The different skill levels of the children should be recognized by having pictures with varying degrees of detail. There should also be plenty of open spaces for children to add their own words and decorations. Include colored pencils in the kit. Children really enjoy them more than crayons and the finished products are much nicer.

Colored pencils are also not as subject to toy store business plan in shipping and are not as sensitive to temperatures in storage. Including a pencil sharpener completes the kit while giving added value. Stickers are very popular with children to decorate the card as well as the envelope. Including the stickers adds color to the product to make it more attractive and eye-catching to the purchaser.

This added value also gives our product a competitive edge. There must be an envelope for each card. The envelopes are to be mailable and of high quality paper so children can color and decorate them as well, toy store business plan. The end-user target price should be 85 toy store business plan 95 cents a card to make it an attractive value to the purchaser.

A pack consists of six collector cards with pictures to color on the front. On the back of the cards are six questions about that subject. The answers are provided at the bottom, in small print, upside down. Once the child has mastered all the facts and has completed coloring the picture with the colored pencils provided in the package, they can affix their blue ribbon sticker that says "I Know My Facts.

As a family with three small children, we are always going on outings where souvenirs are offered for sale.

I am amazed toy store business plan the prices charged for items that I find are usually of poor quality and little value. The question always comes to my mind, "Why don't they offer something that the children will enjoy and at the same time get some benefit from it? During the normal search for customers for the line of card making kits, I contacted Sea World and offered to do a customized kit for them using their characters. The buyer was interested and asked for a prototype to be put together.

While working on it I ran into several problems:, toy store business plan. Each kit will have six different cards in it and each card will have six questions on it. The questions will teach the child some basic facts about toy store business plan subject, but in a fun way. To present them as a "school lesson" would discourage children from wanting to complete it and from wanting to do other sets.

A standardized Blue Ribbon sticker will be used for all sets of cards. The sticker will be printed on clear material so that no matter where the child places the sticker on the picture, the picture will show through and the ribbon will simulate a prize such as given at a fair.

The sets are packaged in a manner similar to the card making kits so customers will know they come from the same company. This will help to increase brand awareness and hopefully create in purchasers of one line a desire to try other products. The cards will be printed on heavy stock so they will be durable.

The cards will have rounded corners to give them a finished look and to keep them from fraying while children complete and collect them. Children will be encouraged to collect all the different packs. A collector's album as an accessory is being considered as a future product. Flexibility must be maintained so that we can provide quick turn around and low minimum order quantities to encourage customized kits.

There is a large potential for customized Card Facts. We have just completed our first one, which was done for the company that has the concession contract at Ellis Island. Product was shipped in time for the re-opening. Sales so far have pleased the buyer, who is considering customized sets for some of their other tourist locations.

Every major tourist attraction is a potential candidate. While we cannot sell the Ellis Island cards to anyone else, we can show it as toy store business plan example of our customizing capabilities. In fact, we have recently done a press release on this product and are contacting major tourist attractions to show them what we can do. This will be an expansion of the collector card line, toy store business plan.


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toy store business plan


Jan 20,  · the toy shop business plan 1. 1 Introduction At The Toy Shop, we strive to offerfun and good quality toys that kids want to play with and that parents and grandparents feel good about buying. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the perfect gift for . An online toy store can be a lucrative business, because no matter how the economy is going on, parents love to see the joy on child’s face that a brand new toy’s not just child’s birthday when the purchase is intended, but it can be a holiday gift or a present on an achievement too. Toy Company Business Plan; Toy Company BUSINESS PLAN TOYS FOR A NEW GENERATION INC. they were getting lost on the store shelves. we consistently received orders from those customers that were in the toy business. It became evident that we must be at the next Toy Fair.